Friday, March 26, 2010

Change of Seasons

We've been changing our family fitness routine with the change in the weather and in the process I've neglected my blog. Tom and I have both managed to make a quick transition from skiing to running. We're already logging 4o-mile weeks in preparation for the Vermont City Marathon on May 30.

Last weekend we ran a 5K and asked Ava if she wanted to participate in the kids' 1-mile run. She simply said, "No, thanks. It's not my running season yet."

As for ski season, boy, did it end well. Ava was racing the first and second grade boys in the after school ski program and Julia skied a little loop eagerly on our last outing.

Now, we're into walking downtown again. Yesterday, my parents visited and we all walked down to the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Cafe to get some treats and then Grampy pushed the girls on the swings, while Grammy and I took in some sunshine and her dog, Kiesha, watched the bustle of our small town.

It feels good to have spring here, though tonight's low is supposed to be 6 degrees. I'm sure we'll have the hats and mittens out for another month.