Friday, July 31, 2009

Triathlon Get-Away Weekend

My life has been like a triathlon lately so I'm just sitting down to report on last weekend's actual event. It was my third annual Danskin Triathlon, a sprint series. This one takes place in Webster, MA. The best part of the event is gathering with family -- sisters, partners, nieces. Over 2,000 women compete and usually I am the last in my family to start since the younger ages are placed in later wave starts. This year my niece had a late wave and I was able to see her finish. No matter how great or horrible your race is, the finish is awesome and watching someone come down the chute and through the finish is awesome, too.

It is important to note that this is my one weekend away from my kids. I relish that since I stay home with my kids and see them A LOT. My mother-in-law commented that someday this would probably be an event that I took my kids and husband to. I replied quickly (perhaps too quickly) that I would not be taking the rest of the family. I spent a half hour just trying to find my niece in that crowd! Safety aside, I think that every mother deserves one weekend away from her kids.  A triathlon is a breeze compared to parenting and the sense of accomplishment comes in a matter of hours rather than years.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Swim Lesson Season

This morning my three year old suggested that the whole family should go to swim lessons. And so we did. The lessons are only for kids, so Tom and I weren't taking lessons, too (though I could use one as prep for my triathlon next weekend), but we watched proudly from the other side of the fence surrounding the pool. 

Both kids are in the same class, a level one introductory swim class that follows the guidelines of the American Red Cross. Ava took the same class last year at age four and I figured it couldn't hurt to enroll Julia at age three as she would have her older sister for company.

On day 1, Julia hardly entered the pool and Ava later complained that the lesson wasn't that fun because the other kids were all boys. On day 2, I had no expectations for Julia and decided that I'd pull her out altogether if she didn't go in. Well, Daddy took her that day and reported that she was the first in and last out of the pool. Ava was happy to have her sister in the water. 

Today, day 5 of 10, was the first hot day all week and the girls took to the water eagerly. Ava fetched rings, actually dipping her face underwater for the retrieval and Julia walked around with her foam noodle, proudly making it to the line rope marking the beginning of the next class. The girls payed attention to their instructor, looked out for each other, and had a great time. It was a proud day for my family -- at least for 45 minutes. I'll take what I can get.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Race Report and Vacation Prep

It's now been a week since our "Fourth of July" road race. Yes, we celebrated early here and I've yet to report that Ava managed fine on her own. She ran a 9:49 mile right alongside her friend and just behind another friend and her mom. 

Ava looked a bit winded at the end (she's the one in back below), but claimed that the race was easy. We're dealing with a little attitude combined with new-found confidence. Sometimes it's hard to know when to call her on it.

Now, we're off on vacation. It will be the first time that we take bikes along with us and we'll be leaving the jogger behind. We'll be swimming in the lake in New Hampshire and walking the beaches of Maine. The girls will bike in some parks while we run. I'm hoping to get in some training for the Danskin Triathlon at the end of the month. I also have to wrap-up my column for Cross Country Skier Magazine as the deadline is this month. Gotta love thinking about snow in July. Let's just hope we don't get some. Rain and 60s seems to be the New England forecast these days!