Saturday, January 31, 2009

'Fit Family' Gets Good Press

Tom came home from the Craftsbury Marathon today with a couple of publications that featured "Fit Family." Yippee. His race goodie bag had the current issue of Cross Country Skier Magazine and "Fit Family" is in the New Stuff/Books section -- top right-hand corner of the page with a nice summary. I looked on the magazine's website, but couldn't find a link to the write-up. The issue (December 2008) has a cool cover with an impressionist painting of a skier. 

Vermont Sports' February issue also looks at "Fit Family" via a Reader Athlete profile of me. The interviewer, Sky Barsch, asked some great questions. 

And, Tom finished 2nd in his 25K race. So, lots of good news from Craftsbury today. 

The girls and I tried getting out on skis on the nearby tracks today, but Ava's skis weren't fast enough (she claimed), the wind was in Julia's face, and a rest day seemed the best answer for us. Technically, we were on skis, but I'm not chalking it up as a ski day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beyond Skiing

It's obvious. My family is obsessed with cross-country skiing. On the weekends, we ski first then do other things. But we do sled and romp around in the snow, climbing huge snow banks, for instance. 

These activities are a workout, too. For little legs bundled in snowpants to go up and down a hill a gazillion times is tiring. For me to chase the sled is a workout, too.

Since Ava had been getting snow down her boots a lot while trekking through the snow, we just bought some new boots. (We went shopping for them AFTER skiing on the weekend.) She is trying out some Kamuk boots that have a rubber exterior but are more pliable than rain boots. (See photo below).

So far so good for comfort, secure fit, and warmth. And we're happy to support our neighboring country, O Canada. We're so close that we get CBC as part of our basic cable package. So when we're all tired out from outdoor exercise, we come in to watch some downhill ski racing on CBC. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seven Days Newspaper Features 'Fit Family'

The Jan. 21 issue of Seven Days has a great write-up on family fitness that features my book. 

"As Waterbury’s Heidi Hill writes in her new book, Fit Family: The Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Years, families can learn to exercise with their kids, almost as soon as they arrive in this world."

Link to the story at:

Also, check out the entire issue, which focuses on Health and Fitness at

Saturday, January 17, 2009

'I Don't Do Yoga'

It had to happen sometime. My five-year-old daughter, who eagerly tries new types of fitness, put her foot down about yoga class: "I do ballet, not yoga," she informed me. I signed us up anyway as both girls and I could go and it is just a four-session class.

I didn't get into a battle with Ava and was prepared for anything on the first class. I let her wear her dance leotard and didn't get on her case when she wasn't trying the poses. Yes, she was just lying on her mat rather than doing all the poses, but she was listening and she wasn't disruptive. (Meanwhile, Julia was on my back while I was doing poses, but she wasn't disruptive either.)

Once the "Let's Go Swimming" music came on, Ava roused a bit, swimming like a fish in the water. Recognizing the music from last year's creative dance class helped, too.

My assessment: I believe in having kids try many types of fitness, even when they resist. If Ava doesn't want to try another yoga class, I won't insist. Who knows, maybe this will be Julia's thing. She is proudly practicing Downward Dog all by herself at home though she calls it "Underdog."

Monday, January 12, 2009

Birthday Party Mayhem

I survived another birthday party. Number 5. I wish I could say that I look forward to the parties, the pretty cake, the pinata, the frolicking kids, but I don't. I get anxious and breathe a big sigh of relief when it is over for a whole year.

I have to admit that this one went well. Winter birthday parties can be a big challenge with rambunctious kids running around in your house for two hours. So, we planned a sledding party. I checked the extended forecast as intently as I did prior to my wedding. I was crossing my fingers for a fair weather day and I got it. Perfect snow conditions, too. 

There were a couple of minor sledding collisions, but no injuries. Then we went inside for cake. It was adorable, yummy, and I didn't make it. The smile on my five-year-old girl was unforgettable.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Perfect Ski

I decided to be selfless today -- choosing to ski with my family instead of ski by myself. The sun was out, the kicking was good, and the temp was decent, just a slight breeze and a temp close to 20 degrees F. 

We convinced Julia to ride in the pulk though I'd sworn those days were done. It's our only solution for all getting out together now. Ava kicked up a sizable hill and then came the excitement -- the ride down, where she passed several grownups, and shouted "Track, Track, Trackkkk!" Fortunately, there were no collisions. Yup, we're going to have to give some instruction on getting out of those tracks.

Julia got her turn on skis after -- hopping into the tracks with her strap-on skis, which we reverted to for convenience. Yup, these are the days that make up for those not-so-great days. Hallelujah!