Monday, March 16, 2009

New Season, New Sports

 In one week I've gone from watching a confident five-year-old snow plow down the ski trails to seeing that same kid wobble on her two-wheel bike and tip over into a mud patch. 'Tis the change of seasons here in Vermont. I'm not naive enough to think that winter is actually over, but I'm anxious to get my running legs back and to get my girls ready to bike without giving me a heart attack watching them swerve all over the road. 

Bring on 50 degree weather and dry roads and we're back to biking. Well, the girls are. Me, I'm just aching from bending over giving them a "starting push." The stress of watching the bike and rider careen along ahead of me is bad for the back and exacerbates the tightness. The sidewalks with all the slopes and cracks aren't exactly conducive to a new bike rider either.

We're probably going to need a few more parking lot training sessions like this one before I let Ava bike alongside me on a run.


Run Mommy said...

GReat post! Our 4 year old has been out on her bike a few times since the snow melted and she is BEGGING us to take of the training wheels. This makes me very nervous but excited for her! Don't you love having four seasons??

Heidi HIll said...

I do love the four seasons. I'll have to start following your Run Like A Girl blog. I'm anxious for the running season.