Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jumping on the Bed

In "Fit Family" I talk about being creative with family exercise. Well, here's a new take on that. 

My three year old  just got a new mattress and box spring and as we were taking the old ones out of the house to the garage the kids asked if they could jump on them. For once, my husband and I gave the okay to jumping on the bed, not realizing that we had created  a make-shift trampoline in the back yard. 

The kids get sweaty pretty fast from jumping and have to take water  breaks. I've taken a few bounces myself and it's pretty fun. We start at the back steps, jump on the mattress, take a few high hops, and do a twist and dismount onto the grass combining gymnastics and half-pipe moves (not really, but we try).

The "trampoline" gets stored on the back porch every night and will be out of here when we get to the dump run on the weekend. Then we'll be back to more traditional forms of fitness.

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