Friday, September 25, 2009

Race Repeats

"I'll race you to the little hill," said Ava.
"Okay," I said, and we raced with Julia a pace or two behind.
Ava and I tied after running from the porch steps to the little hill in our back yard.

"Let's do it again," said Ava.
"Okay," I said.
We had pretty much the same result.

"Let's go again," said Ava.
"I'm getting tired," I said.
"You can time me," she said. "Start counting."
"I'm not going to count, but I do have my stop watch."

Ava ran. "Five seconds," I yelled.
Then, Julia ran. "Seven seconds."
"Your turn, Mommy," said Ava. "I'll do the watch for you."
"Six seconds," she yelled.

We continued taking turns running and timing for a good fifteen minutes. It was an impromptu sprint session. I never liked sprints in high school, but backyard sprints with young kids is a little less competitive. Although, when Julia started running in circles before getting to the hill, she did get reprimanded, but not from me.

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