Saturday, January 30, 2010

Skiing With Gram, Grampy, and Aunts, Too

I've been spending too much time on the ski trails and too little time writing of late. I can think of worse problems. I did send off a handy little fit family list to the Oprah magazine before skiing yesterday, so that counted as a work day. My one day with both kids in school is my writing day so I wrote a cover letter and took a detour to the post office before hitting the trails at Trapps.

But what I've really meant to report was a chance to have the girls ski with their Grammy, Grampy and aunts. It was not a long affair, but we did some laps in the field and then my mom got to see the girls whiz downhill on their skinny skis and see them laugh upon crashing at the bottom. That was part of my mom's birthday present. At age 77, she doesn't need any more knick knacks, but time skiing with the grandkids, that's a good gift.

My husband took a Flip video of the extended family ski, but my old computer doesn't have that new software. Here's a shot from the back before Julia dropped the rope.

More updates on our three-year-old's ski progress to come soon!


Charity- Elan Interiors said...

What a fun adventure! Hopefully we get up to do some skiing with you all

dick said...

Great post to read from Lake Charles, LA. You are exactly right about what's important to grandparents. Put the video clip up on Youtube and set up a link to it. Hi to girls & TT from the three of us