Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sweet Skiing

The promise of gooey, warm maple syrup drizzled over snow got my family back on skis this weekend. Though the skiing is still great, we've transitioned to biking for the kids and marathon training for Tom and me. Given that the sugaring season is so short (for those of us who don't do the labor), we headed to the Trapps sugarhouse for one of our favorite spring rituals.

Despite the forecast for rain, we had sunny skies and 40-degree temps. Our fish scale skis worked well and Ava took off the moment she was in hers. I could only make out her yellow hat in the distance as she headed down to the sugar shack. Julia cruised, too, though I think that she was surprised by the stop-and-go warm snow.

I had just run 19 miles so was happy to devour several donut pieces guilt-free. The kids tried the pickles to cleanse the palate, but preferred sweet to tart. Tom and I had only planned on the short ski to the sugar shack, but the kids were eager to keep skiing, so off we went.

We finished catching some sunshine on the bandstand.

And, on the way home, we bought a new camera as ours is as old as Ava. More zoom and less delay. You might actually be able to see our faces in future blogs!

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