Monday, November 24, 2008

First Ski, Worst Ski

My husband said "this is the worst day of my life" when we were out for our first ski. That was when we were in the moment, the moment of kids whining, of a toddler who didn't want to stay in the ski pulk and a preschooler who was experiencing her first falls of the season.

The screams aren't fun. I felt like a horrible parent pulling a screaming child in a pulk. 

But back in the car we recovered. My preschooler said that she had a good time. My toddler was tired and taking her out of the pulk to take our holiday photo and then trying to put her back in wasn't our smartest idea.

We remembered that this is how ski season starts. You have to get used to it all over again. The first skis are the ones where you have to look for the snow. They lack the comfort of the touring center. You have to start from a cold parking lot, where there are no bathrooms or hot cocoa.

Looks like we'll have to try for another holiday photo as we're squinting in this one. Maybe we'll even get Julia on some skis for the next take.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving from your fat family, oops we mean fit. Some of your family did a five mile walk, some did a 7 mile run, others did shorter runs and some walked. The couch potatoes ate and relaxed. Enjoyed reading your blog on "First ski, Worst ski" knowing who took the picture. Look for more family comments now that we discovered how to do this. Love Ed S., Cathy G and Dicky Do.

Heidi HIll said...

Yeah, I should have credited my niece, Emily, for taking our photo, for helping Ava on her feet numerous times, and for consoling my crying kids.