Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun Run

I never thought that I'd have a child running a race at the age of four. I thought that races might start around age 7 or 8 or 9. Already my preschooler has two one-mile races under her belt. She ran this one in 9.57 minutes. I'm not out to brag, frankly, I'm surprised at how excited kids get for races. 

Before a race I get anxious, shake when I put the pins on my shirt to hold my bib number, and can't wait until the thing is over. But my daughter and a host of other kids close to her age, were composed, excited, and impressive little runners. And their race was deemed a "fun run."

I used to think that getting kids into a competition at a young age was pushing a child. I have a new perspective. My preschooler loves to race, so I'll support her interests. This race was a treat in that daddy pushed little sister, Julia, alongside in the jogging stroller so that she could see the action. I was hoping for a little free time to sip coffee without kids during the race, but after taking a few photos and watching the trail of kids go by, the race was over!

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