Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beyond Skiing

It's obvious. My family is obsessed with cross-country skiing. On the weekends, we ski first then do other things. But we do sled and romp around in the snow, climbing huge snow banks, for instance. 

These activities are a workout, too. For little legs bundled in snowpants to go up and down a hill a gazillion times is tiring. For me to chase the sled is a workout, too.

Since Ava had been getting snow down her boots a lot while trekking through the snow, we just bought some new boots. (We went shopping for them AFTER skiing on the weekend.) She is trying out some Kamuk boots that have a rubber exterior but are more pliable than rain boots. (See photo below).

So far so good for comfort, secure fit, and warmth. And we're happy to support our neighboring country, O Canada. We're so close that we get CBC as part of our basic cable package. So when we're all tired out from outdoor exercise, we come in to watch some downhill ski racing on CBC. 

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