Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Flying High

Naturally, I'm always thinking of ways to get our family out and be fit. By chance and circumstance a new activity came to mind this weekend: kite flying. 

On Saturday afternoon, we were all ready to take our first trip to the reservoir for some swim fun when in rolled the storm clouds. Luckily, I had just bought the girls kites in the morning so with the wind whipping we had a quick fall back activity.

After some basic kite assembly, we took to the nearby playground. Luckily, we had one parent for each child to help get the kites flying. Ava caught on quickly and became somewhat independent. Julia's string kept letting go and soon her Nemo fish was swimming high in the sky. Eventually Ava's fairies and Julia's fish crossed paths and some untangling was required. 

The girls were laughing and running back and forth to keep the kites soaring. I was surprised by how much running they got in. The exercise was an unexpected benefit. Tom and I didn't run too much, but we enjoyed the nostalgia of the activity. Of course, the girls are begging to fly kites again and we haven't had any wind. 

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FitFactory said...

I have to confess that kite-flying is one of those childhood memories that I never got to experience :( One of these days I should ask my sister to bring her daughter out to fly a kite, and I can get a few kite flying time in for myself too haha