Friday, June 26, 2009

Pre-Race Jitters

I have the pre-race jitters and I'm not even racing tomorrow. Nope, my five-year-old is the racer and she'll be competing in a mile race that she ran last year. She's such a confident, veteran runner that she has asked that I not go with her this time.

As a parent, my mind floods with some worries and expectations -- I hope she doesn't start too fast and blow up, I hope her shoe lace doesn't come untied, will she be disappointed if her friends finish before her? 

I know that my concerns are foolish. There are many other parents who will be running and can offer support and this little girl loves to run. So, I'm trying to calm myself and get prepared early (race clothes out, change of clothes, food and water for after). Little sister and I will be at the finish line with our camera ready for action shots.

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