Friday, July 17, 2009

Swim Lesson Season

This morning my three year old suggested that the whole family should go to swim lessons. And so we did. The lessons are only for kids, so Tom and I weren't taking lessons, too (though I could use one as prep for my triathlon next weekend), but we watched proudly from the other side of the fence surrounding the pool. 

Both kids are in the same class, a level one introductory swim class that follows the guidelines of the American Red Cross. Ava took the same class last year at age four and I figured it couldn't hurt to enroll Julia at age three as she would have her older sister for company.

On day 1, Julia hardly entered the pool and Ava later complained that the lesson wasn't that fun because the other kids were all boys. On day 2, I had no expectations for Julia and decided that I'd pull her out altogether if she didn't go in. Well, Daddy took her that day and reported that she was the first in and last out of the pool. Ava was happy to have her sister in the water. 

Today, day 5 of 10, was the first hot day all week and the girls took to the water eagerly. Ava fetched rings, actually dipping her face underwater for the retrieval and Julia walked around with her foam noodle, proudly making it to the line rope marking the beginning of the next class. The girls payed attention to their instructor, looked out for each other, and had a great time. It was a proud day for my family -- at least for 45 minutes. I'll take what I can get.


FitFactory said...

This reminds me of when my niece first started learning how to swim. She was one eager beaver as well, and I remember she'd count the days till she can get to swim classes again!

Love the concept of your book btw, keeping fit with the family is a great way to combine family bonding time with health :)

Love Toddler said...

Wow....I have to teach my little girl how to swim......