Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to school, back to a schedule

In Fit Family I write about scheduling exercise so it is part of your routine. Though my husband and I are pretty good at having informal conversations about when we'll exercise on our own and with our kids, I realized that it has been a couple of weeks since we've all been out together. We've been on vacation and to a wedding and we've been out of our routine at home. 

So yesterday while Tom was at school preparing for his new students, the girls and I and our dog, Abby, went on a hike. The air had the first hint of fall in it and our border collie was so excited that she was doing laps, running ahead and then coming back to us. (You think your kids don't get enough exercise, what about the pet who drops in ranking when the kids come.) My preschooler, who has been so emotional lately, was energetic and carefree as she hiked along. Little sister Julia bounced around in the pack.  After we turned around, I let Julia out and she ran along with Ava.

We didn't have any of the battles that we have at home, even in our yard, about who gets to swing first or who is faster or better. As much as I've enjoyed summer and our lack of a schedule, I'm looking forward to September -- to starting anew while also getting into a routine.

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