Monday, August 25, 2008

Fit Family Book Is Out

I just got a box of books from the publisher and have started distributing them to friends and family and placing them around my town of Waterbury, Vermont. These aren't free copies, they are just the early copies as the rest get handled by the distributor and make their way to book stores. 

I think this book is going to become the #1 baby shower gift. I'm getting all sorts of purchases from people who want to buy for a friend who is expecting a baby or a relative who has young kids. Since the book covers so many sports, it is a good gift for tons of parents and it beats sending another outfit.

Book stores should be stocking Fit Family in the next couple of weeks so pick up a copy and check it out, then get out and get fit with your family.


Dick said...

If stores don't have it in stock, they can get it in a day or so from their wholesaler. Ingram Book Company, among others, supplies it.

Vanina said...

This book is great, thanks for sharing so many useful tips!

Vanina said...