Saturday, May 9, 2009

Active Reward

As a reward for putting the 50th sticker on their Following Directions Chart, my girls could choose to do anything they wanted (well, within reason). They decided on riding bikes on the playground. I was surprised. I was sure they would think of some adventure for candy or chocolate or ice cream. Bike riding. Wow. What a great choice.

So, off we went to the playground today. (I should mention that our elementary school has a natural playground so the trees and boulders and hillside are the basis for play.) Ava was enticed by a swerving gravel path. She saw a boy go cruising down it last year and I said that she'd have to wait until she got her training wheels off to give it a go. Today was the day that Ava got to do her free wheeling and she was pretty confident, except on a few of the sharp turns. 

Her little sister brought out the old tricycle for the event since her training wheels can't handle the gravel.

The actual riding took about five minutes. No, this was not an exercise outing, it was an act of accomplishment. These girls tried out something new. Instead of our parking lot practice sessions, there were some new elements combined together: a slope, sharp turns, and gravel. Once they could say that they did it, they ditched the bikes and climbed a tree.

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