Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wagon Ride

I grew up in the era of the little red wagon. So, it was with some nostalgia that my kids hopped into Grammy's wagon today for a ride/walk. Who needs a fancy jogging stroller when you've got a wagon that can be used in the yard and on the street? Well, a parent who wants to cruise along and have a child (or two) buckled in.

Yes, the jogger has made life easier for parents, but kids sure have a good time in a wagon. My kids took turns pulling each other and then got out and raced Grammy while I pulled an empty wagon. When they got tired, they hopped back in. 

The best thing about this particular wagon is that it is actually a garden cart. It has big, off road wheels and a base that will never rust in the rain. And when the kids get too big for a ride, it can collect leaves instead of dust.

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