Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tracking Your Exercising and Eating Habits

If you're looking for a way for your family to exercise more and eat healthier, try tracking your activities on a daily basis with a focus on these goals. We did this with our preschooler, Ava, thanks to her participation in the Governor’s Fit and Healthy Kids Winter Challenge, "Stretch Your Limits." 

The program encourages school age children to exercise more, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, and turn off the TV by tracking their activities on a chart for six weeks. (We just celebrated Ava's participation in the program this week with a ceremony on the statehouse lawn.)

Since Ava can't write much yet, I filled in her chart but she was the doer. The daily tracking made me more aware of some of our habits. Though Ava got in a variety of fitness activities (cross country skiing, yoga, dance, walking), getting in lots of different fruits and vegetables was more of a challenge. The chart was on the refrigerator so we looked at it often and the days that were blank stood out. I know that other parents were motivated by the chart as well. 

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