Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Exercising Locally

Just when you think that you're doing a good job eating local foods, here's a new challenge -- exercise locally. I've been thinking of this concept after reading of a local Facebook group called Recreate Locally http://www.new.facebook.com/group.php?gid=40145583629&ref=mf

Cross-country ski season is the time that my family puts some miles on the car to go to the groomed trails at Trapp Family Lodge Nordic Ski Center (aka Trapps) in Stowe. Okay, we're not  going to give up going to Trapps, but we're getting smarter and doing some skiing across the street from our house this year. 

I have a confession: the land across the street is now being groomed by my husband, so it is a little bit of a luxury, but it takes me about three minutes to complete the loop. I just change my expectation for what my workout will be. Plus, it's great taking the kids across the street to ski instead of always loading them and their equipment into the car. 

On some weekdays/weeknights, I'm getting in a quick ski instead of staying home eating cookies. Lots of bonuses -- environmental, time saving, changing your fixed routine.

Think about it.

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Dick Mansfield said...

Just joined the group, commented, and put a note up on Twitter.