Saturday, December 13, 2008

Family Race Day

Today was a first. Ava skied in her first cross-country ski race ever. Tom skied in his first of the season. I skied in my first race in a few years and Julia participated, too, between Daddy's legs for the downhill and on his shoulders on the way back. Yup, three separate races in one morning.

From a parenting perspective,  separate men's and women's races are great for sharing childcare duties.  I'm not usually up for all the hype and preparation for ski racing, but I figured if my four-year-old was going to race, I could muster up some energy to do a race. Plus, I knew they'd be able to play in the indoor pool with Daddy while I raced inconspicuously on a tame course without a lot of spectators.

I have to admit that I'm a little envious of my preschooler's composure for races. She's relaxed, she moves along, and she manages to pace herself. Me: I get anxious, I have trouble riding a flat ski, and my heart starts pounding like mad on the uphill. 

But, I think I might be up for another race, especially if we find another kids' race. It's a cool feeling knowing that we all raced. And the girls loved their prizes -- lollipops.

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Dick M said...

I see that Tom is still racing up with the college kids -- good for him. Glad you jumped in as well. Ava will be quite the racer with the genes and coaching from you two.