Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pee Ski

Fortunately, it didn't happen on my watch though I was probably to blame. Just as I skied across the field at Trapps, away from my husband and kids, free at last, Julia peed right through her snow pants. She told me she had gone to the bathroom before we got in the car, but I guess I can't trust everything that a two and a half year old says.

The good news for Daddy was that after changing Julia into dry pants, he convinced her to ride in the pulk -- a major feat these days. Looks like we're in for some challenges this season as little sister wants to be on skis like big sister but doesn't last long.

As for me, I got in my solo ski. It's great to see the kids making strides on their own skis but there's nothing like being on my own, high in the hills, where it is oh so quiet. 

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